Professional Service Enterprise Property Management

Do you have a rental property that you don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to manage? If so, a property manager may be right for you.

When your property is managed by Professional Service Enterprise, you can get out of the driver’s seat and begin collecting passive income.

We will:

  • Evaluate your property for rental feasibility
  • Provide you with a checklist of things to do to get your property ready for the vacation rental market
  • Provide seasonal pricing recommendations
  • Provide a conservative estimation of what to expect, income-wise, from your property annually
  • Shop and stock your property with guest amenities if needed (linens, cookware, dishware, etc.)
  • Shop for, declutter, and clean your property to “prep” it for the rental market
  • Prepare and implement a marketing plan for your property
  • Photograph your home and its features
  • Manage housekeeping and handymen on your behalf
  • Take care of inquiries, rental calendar, cleaning schedule, maintenance, and repairs
  • Provide you with as much communication as you would like (weekly or monthly) about what you would like to know about– sales, maintenance, etc.
  • Provide a monthly spreadsheet recap of your business
  • Pay quarterly sales tax to the State of Missouri
  • Send you a 1099 each January for your tax return
  • List your property nationwide and internationally on many sites such as AirBNB, VRBO,, our company website, and integration software to handle all the reservations


“Relax while we do the footwork for you!”
With our guidance and management, you can focus your time on other areas in your life with the
assurance that we are taking care of your property and handling all of the business. We are
experienced, knowledgeable, and attentive– let us let YOU rent your property the easy way!

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